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    We believe

    In keeping with our commitment to clients, we, at Digicast, are never taking anything for granted. Accordingly, we are continuously researching to develop our numerical platforms and technological tools. We also attend to clients’ needs with precision and value lasting partnerships.

    Our mission

    To simplify the broadcasting of our clients’ communications while maximizing the reach of audiences and enabling the exchanges that drive evolution.

    Our history

    Digicast history montréal webcast

    Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Hakim, Digicast is truly a pioneer of webcasting in Quebec and the Canadian industry leader in webcasting and live broadcasting.

    From the beginning, the company has actively invested its energy in researching and developing its web applications and other technological tools. A few years later, entrepreneurs, Jean-Louis Langevin and Nick Di Meo joined forces with Jonathan Hakim to complete Digicast’s service offering. Together, they anchor the company on foundations that have guaranteed its success and continuity, which are the excellence of its technical tools, customer service and event planning.

    The vision that prevailed at the onset hasn’t changed: to consistently strive for excellence.

    Our team

    Our success is undoubtedly due to the skill of our team, composed of webcasting and audiovisual technicians, web developers, and event planners working every day to accomplish our mission.


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