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Audio and Video Production Services

Full audio-visual, stagecraft and video production services

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Quality audio and video production services tailored to your specific needs

Turn-key service

Our services cover all stages related to video production, from preproduction to post-production. Turn-key and tailored to your needs, it includes live recording of your events either from our studios or from any other location of your choice, stagecraft technical management and/or production of video clips or animated vignettes to enhance your webcast content.

Fully equipped studios

Our video production studios benefit from the the latest cutting-edge technology. As they are totally sound-proof, customizable and modular, these tools will provide you with highly professional webcasts, undeniably setting you apart from your competitors. A guarantee of quality with regard to video production. Our experts can travel anywhere in the world to complete your projects, wherever your goals lead us.

Onsite Live Production

Regardless of the location, our audio-visual production teams will bring all the equipment required to carry out your live event from your own facilities or from any conference room. Our turn-key service includes technical production control, recording and webcasting of your contents, as well as online technical and bilingual support, and even simultaneous translation services if necessary.

On site recording

Take advantage of our video production services by prerecording your important communications in preparation for upcoming webcasts. Use the best shooting, video editing and sound mixing equipment to maximize your impact and control the quality of the messages you want to broadcast.


Working with state-of-the-art, professional audio-visual equipment, our qualified technical management team offers you turn-key support including sound mixing, lighting, and video projection.

Highly-trained team

Our highly-qualified team, backed by many years of experience, includes film directors, directors of photography, sound mixers, motion graphic designers, and video editors, all having extensive field experience. Dedicated and efficient, your projects will be in good hands and promptly carried out by a multi-talented team.

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