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Webcasting platforms

Whether for self-service or fully supported use, our range of webcasting platforms accommodates your technological proficiency level to create your own virtual corporate events.
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Webcasting solutions tailored to your business needs

Our extensive expertise in webcasting solutions enables you to benefit from a wide variety of features that we have developed and perfected over time. Whether you require a platform for conducting voting at your Annual General Meetings or other events, a platform for facilitating your business meetings or for executing your corporate events—fully supported or self-service—we have the solution to meet your business needs.

icastGo | icastPro | icastVote | icastMeet | icastEvent

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Webcasting platforms tailored to your business framework

Annual general meetings (AGM)

Our online conference solutions include a secure voting system. Thanks to an authentication process, your members and shareholders will be able to vote with confidentiality.


Use the full capability of our management tools to efficiently follow the leads generated by your sales, marketing and product demo webinars. Take advantage of a professional tool to help you reach a broad audience, regardless of the distance, while keeping control of your contents and brand image.

Online training

Simple and efficient solutions, perfect for your continuing training and online training needs: authentication, timed questionnaires, detailed statistical reports, etc.

Executive meetings and strategic thinking

We offer tools for online sharing of your strategic vision and sales results as well as for communicating your internal initiatives and policies, reliably and confidentially.


Customized webcasting solutions to bring together all your speakers in the same online environment, regardless of the distance and number of participants.

Virtual gatherings

For nearly 20 years, proven webcasting solutions guarantee an optimum experience for participants, managers and speakers, regardless of their number and location.

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A simplified webcasting tool

Easy-to-use, icastGo is a user-friendly self-service webcasting platform empowering business professionals to setup, manage and broadcasting with ease their virtual events, backed by cutting-edge technology, advanced security and unlimited functionalities.

  • Self-service, fully autonomous
  • Simple and efficient
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Advanced security
  • High-level webcasting

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A comprehensive webcasting tool

More intricate events and fully supported, icastPro is a well-known webcasting platform that offers you full support for all your operational, organizational, technical, logistical, and IT requirements through our team of experts, enabling you maintain control over your content and brand image.

  • Comprehensive support for all your needs by our team of experts: operational, organizational, technical, logistical, and IT.
  • Effectively broadcast your important messages live, ensuring performance regardless of participant numbers or geographical distance.

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The icastVote Authenticated Virtual Voting Module of icastPro allows specifically to:

  • Segmentation of your electorate
  • Ensuring anonymity of individual votes
  • Enabling voting with multiple answers
  • Compiling the results in real-time and posting them in just a few seconds.
  • In a secure manner.

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The icastMeet Module of icastPro allows for:

  • Customization of technical details for your virtual meetings (supers, background, etc.)
  • Management of business meeting recordings
  • And much more

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The icastEvent Module of icastPro allows for:

  • Registration management
  • Technical details management for your virtual event (date, time, content display)
  • Personalized management and support from our experts during your broadcast
  • Access to post-broadcast statistics
  • And much more

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Other solutions at your disposal
Virtual Services Center

Whether you prefer to use your usual digital platform or ours, you can benefit from enhanced features, improved performance, and the support and expertise of our professionals in virtual corporate event production. The Virtual Services Center is specifically available to elevate your virtual corporate event experience.

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We have state-of-the-art professional studios and offer an exceptional experience for recording and webcasting your corporate communications.

Located in Montreal, take advantage of a space tailored to the technical challenges of filming and live streaming, meeting the specific needs of your business.

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Audio & Video Services

Whether you are seeking live streaming, delayed filming services, or comprehensive audiovisual solutions supported by a seasoned team offering turnkey service, our audio & video services will meet all your business needs to successfully execute your corporate event.

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