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Virtual Services Center

Elevate your virtual corporate event experience. Utilize your usual digital platform or ours while enjoying additional features, enhanced performance, and the support and expertise of our professionals in virtual corporate event production.
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Adapts to all popular platforms

Enhance your virtual experience by accessing the same platforms as usual or ours, while benefiting from additional features and improved quality at all levels. Whether you prefer to use Live Event platforms from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex by Cisco, LinkedIn, or YouTube or to use our fully supported turnkey icastPro platform, we can customize your experience to take it to the next level.
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More professional look and design
You like the platform you are currently using. However, you would like to customize it and add more on-demand elements that will allow you to enhance your presentation with even more professionalism and better quality. The Virtual Services Center offers you exactly these options.
Personalized support from a webcasting expert
Count on a webcasting expert who will be easily accessible and always up-to-date with the best production practices, and who can even give you tips to enhance your presentation, helping you shine at your best.
Continuous streaming guaranteed

Experience peace of mind with our robust redundancy infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted broadcasts during your presentation. Our system includes main and backup streaming encoders, dual fiber ISPs, backup computers, emergency backup generator, guaranteeing continuous operation under any circumstances.

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Benefit from our expertise from start to finish

1. Production - Design Creation

2. Content Optimization

3. Content Management from our Control Rooms

4. Output of the Final Content

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A straightforward process

1. Production – Design Creation
Production and design creation are done remotely. Our team will help you optimize your space, including lighting, background elements, technical support and any other elements that will enhance your audience's experience.
2. Content Optimization
Your content will be optimized to enhance what is presented on the screen, including adding graphics, lower thirds, media content, video playbacks and much more.
3. Content Management from our Control Rooms
Content management involves the management of multiple camera feeds, audio mixing and other technical aspects, all handled from our control rooms while providing real-time assistance.
4. Output of the Final Content
The output of the final content focuses on broadcasting the final content (visuals, graphic elements, sound, etc.) to your audience, ensuring that they receive a professionally packaged and engaging presentation.
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Added Value

Professional Technical Management
Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned professionals, ensuring flawless technical execution of your virtual events.
Engaging Display Screens
Take advantage of advanced production techniques such as split-screen, quad view, and more to make your presentations visually engaging.
High-Quality Audio Experience
With our meticulous audio calibration, every word is clear, ensuring your message is heard without any technical distractions.
Dynamic Visual Elements
Insertion of supers or lower-thirds graphics adds a dynamic layer to your presentation, highlighting key information prominently.
Seamless Integration of Pre-recorded Content
Seamlessly integrate pre-recorded clips or videos into your live event, ensuring a smooth and cohesive viewing experience.
Scalable to Any Event Size
Our services smoothly adapt to your audience size while ensuring consistent quality and performance, whether your event is small or large.
On-Demand Webcast*

Anyone with the link will be able to listen to or replay the webcast at their convenience. This means that whether it's for a participant who missed the live broadcast or wants to watch it again, anything is possible.

Statistics Access**

The platform provides you with very detailed statistics by default. However, it's good to know that we can also customize the type of statistics you want access to.

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Streamlined experience

Delegate technical complexities to us and focus on your presentation and audience. Our team is by your side at every step, providing continuous support and expert guidance.

To fully understand the added value of having the support of our experts at the operational center, please refer to our article: Webcasting expert: the secret of our operation center.

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Starting from

$750 PROMO*

  • Basic - Pre-Event Preparation | Production & Set Design
  • Basic - Content Optimization | Visually & Graphically
  • Essential - Digicast Expert | In Control Room during your event & Content Management
  • Essential - IT Support | From preparation to the output of the final content
Ask for a Quote

*Regular price: $1250. Pricing varies depending on the types of additional services required, if needed.

Additionnal Services


  • Custom - Graphic design
  • Custom - Intro and outro animation creation for broadcasts
  • Creation of additional video content
  • Premium - Digicast Expert
  • Premium - IT Support
  • Interpretation/traduction services
  • Universal accessibility services (subtitles, sign language, audio description)
  • And much more
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1. What is the recommended timeframe to adequately benefit from the Virtual Services Center?

Depending on whether you are using the Virtual Services Center for the first time or if you are using it repeatedly, the planning time required will vary. In general, you will need to plan the flow of your event (sequence of presenters, their speaking time, their name and title, etc.), relevant documentation (text to be used), and any additional media (PPT or video to be broadcasted).

Therefore, it is advisable to allocate time to discuss with your Project Manager at Digicast to effectively refine the details of your virtual event.

  • A meeting to review the technical setup using the event management tool to clearly define the roles of presenters and moderators.
  • A pre-broadcast meeting on the day of the event, immediately before the live broadcast, to go over the final technical details (e.g., countdown, review 'cues' for the online publication of multimedia content, etc.).
2. Do you offer interpretation, traduction and/or universal accessibility services?
Interpretation/traduction or sign language or universal accessibility measures services are additional services that should be planned in advance so that professionals can adequately prepare.
3. What are the steps to benefit from the Virtual Services Center?

The booking process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Fill out the 'Ask for a Quote' basic form: A project manager will contact you for the following steps.
  2. Fill out the order form: Detailed questions will be asked to fully understand your event and required needs.
  3. Receive login information: Participant link + presenter link.
  4. Conduct essential meetings, including the pre-broadcast meeting.
4. Who is responsible for which actions between the client and Digicast?

The allocation of roles is quite straightforward:

  • Microphone Management | Active or muted: Client
  • Presentation Management | PowerPoint slide changes or other: Client
  • Question Handling & Moderation: Client
  • Overlay Implementation: Digicast
  • Multimedia Content Management: Digicast
  • Start & End Video Management: Digicast
5. Is access to the webcast secure?


We can customize access to your webcast with varying levels of security.

  • You can provide us with a list of authorized participants, ensuring only they can access your virtual event.
  • You can opt for Single Sign-On (SSO), enhancing participant identification efficiency.
  • You can choose to make it open to the public without requiring a login.
6. *How long we will have access to the on-demand webcast?

*On-demand webcast varies depending on the various platforms. For usual external platforms, we invite you to consult directly their features.

As for our icastPro platform, the webcast link remains active for a certain period, typically around 12 months. This allows anyone with the link to listen to or replay the webcast at their convenience.

If a longer delay is required, simply discuss this with your Project Manager.

7. **What type of statistics can we access?

**Statistics available vary depending on the different platforms. For usual external platforms, we invite you to consult directly their features.

As for our icastPro platform, it provides you with highly detailed default statistics, such as the number of participants, the duration of participants’ attendance at the virtual event, their names, email addresses, and IP addresses.

It's important to note that we can customize the type of statistics you need access to. For example, country, city, job title, division, etc. The possibilities are endless and depend solely on your needs.

Statistics for on-demand viewing are also available, where applicable.

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Other solutions at your disposal


Easy-to-use, icastGo is a user-friendly self-service webcasting platform empowering business professionals to setup, manage and broadcasting with ease their virtual events, backed by cutting-edge technology, advanced security and unlimited functionalities.

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More intricate events and fully supported, icastPro is a well-known webcasting platform that offers you full support for all your operational, organizational, technical, logistical, and IT requirements through our team of experts, enabling you maintain control over your content and brand image.

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The icastVote Authenticated Virtual Voting Module of icastPro allows specifically to:

  • Segmentation of your electorate
  • Ensuring anonymity of individual votes
  • Enabling voting with multiple answers
  • Compiling the results in real-time and posting them in just a few seconds
  • In a secure manner

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The icastMeet Module of icastPro allows for:

  • Customization of technical details for your virtual meetings (supers, background, etc.)
  • Management of business meeting recordings
  • And much more

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The icastEvent Module of icastPro allows for:

  • Registration management
  • Technical details management for your virtual event (date, time, content display)
  • Personalized management and support from our experts during your broadcast
  • Access to post-broadcast statistics
  • And much more

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We have state-of-the-art professional studios and offer an exceptional experience for recording and webcasting your corporate communications.

Located in Montreal, take advantage of a space tailored to the technical challenges of filming and live streaming, meeting the specific needs of your business.

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Audio & Video Services

Whether you are seeking live streaming, delayed filming services, or comprehensive audiovisual solutions supported by a seasoned team offering turnkey service, our audio & video services will meet all your business needs to successfully execute your corporate event.

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