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With more than 15 years of service in the field of webcasting and ongoing focus on our customers around the world, Digicast is now an expert in the field. Following an in-depth study of all comments and feedback from organizers and participants, our team members have invested considerable effort over several months to create a new icastGo version.  Available online since March 1, 2021.

What’s new with this version? Here is an overview.

Step one: A new interface for the new icastGo version

Easy to use, robust and flexible, icastGo continues its innovative trend to increase ergonomic functionality and enhance user experience. The first improvement made available online is its new interface.


We have revisited the platform presentation, from both the organizer and participants’ point of view. The administrative portal was completely redesigned to make your webcasting management easier, and the control center has been reconfigured to ensure intuitiveness. All features are now more user-friendly. This means you can now focus on your contents without worrying about the posting and presentation of your webcast.

This first step’s ultimate purpose?  Comfort for you and your participants!

Step two: Video playback and customizing 

Over the next few weeks, completely new features will be made available. The new icastGo version will allow you to integrate pre-recorded videos into your webcast. This feature was one of the most requested by online event organizers. To this day, no other platform provides such a feature with professional high-quality results. The “high-availability” design of our hosting infrastructures does offer such outstanding results!     We are doing everything in our power to make you enjoy a worry-free experience using universally distributed redundancy and load balancing, global media acquisition and distribution network, automatic and live failover mechanisms of all application components (videoconferencing, encoding, storage, applications).

We always strive to reproduce special physical event features with the purpose of helping you conduct your conferences, meetings and other virtual events more easily. This feature lets speakers carry on the discussion during the playback, ensuring they will be notified when they go live again thanks to accurate monitoring.  

It will also be possible to customize introductory and ending video loops. Upon their arrival, participants will instantly identify your brand and, if needed, you will be able to share information with them or provide them with a sneak preview of what your event will be like. Organizers themselves will be able to customize the videos, either by default for all their webcast events, or individually for each webcast. This feature is simple but has an indisputable added-value.

Step three: Integration into Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can easily be used for short or small-scale meetings. No wonder this tool is now part of nearly every organization. However, for large-scale events and meetings, a more comprehensive and specialized tool should be given priority. The new icastGo version is continually evolving to offer seamless insertion into your existing work environment. Before the end of 2021, the platform will integrate Microsoft Teams into its signal acquisition options.


When combining the new icastGo version and Microsoft Teams, you will ensure a consistent experience for your speakers, better impact control of your webcasts, and our support. Our team of experts understands your workplace culture and will help you achieve your goals. Webcasting plays an important role in your IT strategy, much the same way as the event-driven approach in your communication strategy. Supported by the Digicast team and icastGo features, your needs are sure to be met.

This new version is a real turning point for the icastGo platform. By nature, webcasting causes stress and reluctance. However, with the improved icastGo version and support from the Digicast team, you will achieve success. The new ergonomic interface, advanced video features and integration into Microsoft Teams are only the beginning. As we wish to maintain our leading position, we will continue developing new features to make your webcasting easier and smoother. Our team will stay at the cutting edge of innovation and continue to pay close attention to our customers and partners.

Contact the Digicast team for more information on this new icastGo version or for a customized demonstration.

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