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Corporate communications

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Context of use

Because your message is important, it must be delivered, regardless of distance, number of participants or accessibility issues. Since 2006, Digicast provides you with the means to successfully deliver your contents by offering you a full range of innovative, safe and reliable digital tools.

A broad audience

We assist and support companies of all sizes in the online broadcasting of their corporate communications, regardless of the number of participants (from 100 to 100,000).

No borders

Around the world, regardless of the location of your speakers and participants, our innovative technology enables you to reach them effectively.

Turnkey service

The quality of our customer service is built on the successful support we provided, over the years, to hundreds of customers from a wide variety of industry sectors, and for which we generated thousands of online events. At each step of the process, our skilled and efficient team makes sure your project is successfully achieved without hesitation or uncertainty, allowing you to reach your goal with peace of mind.

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