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System Information Integration

Thanks to our expertise in virtual meeting technologies and continuous research and development, Digicast offers reliable and innovative content delivery solutions. We successfully support organizations of all sizes in implementing internal eCDN solutions.

Innovation with peace of mind

In harmony with your information system, our solutions integrate cutting-edge, highly available technologies for effective webcasts delivery.

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Proven solutions:

  • Highly available platform
  • Analytical tools and services for your environment
  • Internal delivery solutions (eCDN): unicast, multicast or peer to peer
  • Seamless integration with your architecture
  • Backup cloud infrastructure
  • Proactive monitoring and technical support
  • Technology watch and continuous investment in R&D

We were faced with network congestion issues during our live webcasts. We reached out to Digicast and mandated them to evaluate the situation and propose a solution. Digicast analysed our network, performed load tests and proposed an eCDN solution. The deployment was well managed and perfectly executed.

Louis Marceau

Sr. Network Analyst / Information Technology


  • Webcast, from coast to coast, the CEO’s speaking engagements to the 3,900 employees;
  • Use our existing infrastructure to its best of its capacity;
  • Ensure optimal quality throughout out network without impacting its performance;
  • Maintain our existing webcast production, in place since 2010.


  • Analysis of pre-existing infrastructures;
  • Analysis of the users environment and their limitations
  • Implementation of relay servers for unicast broadcasting;
  • Implementation of multicast streaming;
  • Special development of the Digicast’s webcasting application to identify users and apply specific rules and protocols to deliver live streaming;
  • Offer live monitoring of the solution to the IT team and user participants.

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