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Video production

Our team of camera operators, producers, cinematographers and sound technicians work with cutting-edge equipment and have produced hundreds of hours of video content. This ensures that you get a quality video that meets your needs.

Dynamic and attractive content to maximize your impact.

Cutting-edge teams
and tools

Vincent Pelletier webcast digicast

The Digicast team, which includes producers, cinematographers, sound technicians, graphic animation designers and editors, have extensive experience with live, studio, and on-site shooting. We work with the best tools in the industry from our downtown studios or anywhere in the world, wherever your objectives lead us.

Turnkey service

Video production Montréal

From pre-production to the post-production of the final cut, our experienced team has mastered all stages of production including: shooting, graphic animation, and image and sound editing.

Active listening

Video production bloc 3

We actively listen to your needs and guide you through the process step by step. We use our expertise to produce customized, high-quality videos that are sure to reach your audience.

Turnkey and custom

Our turnkey and custom video production service includes:

  • Producer
  • Video and audio editing
  • Voice-over/narration
  • Visual effects/animations
  • Video capture on green background
  • Subtitleling
  • Broadcast Studios

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