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The world of virtual and hybrid events have experienced a remarkable surge in participation over the last years, marking a significant revolution in the industry.  At the forefront of this transformative wave is DIGICAST, paving the way for a new era of event experiences. Further investing in the humanization of virtual events, Digicast has signed Adam Reid as Head of Experience and internal Master of Ceremonies.

In the field of virtual and hybrid events, Adam Reid's new role aims to facilitate connections and overcome digital barriers.



Award-winning Speaker

With extensive experience as an award-winning speaker, Adam Reid and his team are excited to lead the charge in revolutionizing the design of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Their goal is to craft distinctive and memorable experiences for participants, highlighting interaction, personalization, and innovation.



It is with great pleasure that I announce my collaboration with the Digicast team as "Head of Experience" and in-house Master of Ceremonies.

After 15 years' experience, it's clear to me, and to my colleagues, that the role of animator is not just to hold a microphone, but to help create an immersive experience.

- Adam Reid


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Left to right: Nick Di Meo (Director of Operations), Adam Reid (Head of Experience), and Jonathan Hakim (Founder & CEO at Digicast).


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What is the future of virtual events? Is it just a fad or a paradigm shift?



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