Why use a webcasting tool?

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Meeting or webcast

Each type of event has its own specific features. For instance, a collaboration tool or a meeting tool, such as Microsoft Teams is perfectly suited to your team meetings, exchanging with colleagues and presentations with just a few people. In these conditions, Teams is an easily-accessible and efficient option.

However, such a meeting tool is not suitable for events with a large number of participants requiring anonymity or for carrying out a vote, for example. The organiser of a virtual event, such as an AGM or a seminar, will want to ensure that the webcasting is hassle-free and that his messages reach all participants. In every event, your message is important and you want to control it.  A specialized webcasting platform offers you such a control tool using either the facilitator/stakeholders’ interface, participants’ interface or monitoring questions. Your presentation consistency is guaranteed.

Depending on the occasion, you will need a meeting tool and a webcasting tool, each tool having its strengths and weaknesses. There is no one miracle platform.

The benefits of a webcasting tool for your remote events  

For virtual events bringing together a large number of people or needing advanced features, Digicast is the reference. Our webcasting and webinars are ergonomic, efficient and customizable. They offer a wide range of features to facilitate the smooth running of your events: secure voting, participants’ registration, simultaneous translation, webcast archiving, real time data analysis and more. Everything is fully accessible online; you have nothing to download or install.

Ergonomic interfaces   

To optimize participant experience as well as that of the organizers, we have set up pleasant and intuitive environments. Our interfaces make the presentation and viewing of your event easy, regardless of the device used. The responsive design of our tools ensures a user-friendly display, every time. 

Ergonomic interfaces of Digicast webcasting solutions

Contents synchronizing

To ensure a result that will reflect your brand image and impress your audience, we can include graphic elements while broadcasting your event. In addition to the live broadcasting of your speakers, we can synchronize various types of content such as pre-recorded videos or a PowerPoint presentation. You can then present all the images and information you want during your webcast.

Team of experts  

Digicast’s main asset is its organizational and technical assistance at all stages of your event. In addition to assisting the organizers and speakers, we help the participants before and during your event. In fact, our team of technicians will reply live, in French or English, to all requests for support. Our team of virtual event specialists will guide and support you in both official languages to ensure that your webcast goes well. Your peace of mind is a priority.

Digicast has a thorough understanding of the organizational and technological issues associated with your webcast. In addition to supporting you with the integration of Digicast’s webcasting tools into your organization, our R&D team guarantees the highest safety and redundancy standards in the industry, and ensures the smooth delivery of your contents.

How to combine Digicast with your favorite meeting tool  

Digicast provides several signal acquisition solutions that easily combine with your existing tools. For instance, you can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, a simple webcam or a telephone. This way, for your event, only the speakers will have to connect to Teams, Zoom or any another tool of your choice.

We carry out your events in a way to meet your specific communication needs. Let’s say that your webcast style will be like a “news bulletin” or “talk show”.  Digicast can easily integrate production and staging elements to provide a unique and professional rendition that will pay tribute to your brand’s image.

Our broadcasting solutions, icastGo and icastPro are designed to meet your specific needs. No matter the level of autonomy and support you want, and the type of event you are working on, Digicast has the solution for you.

Our development team remains attentive to users needs to continuously improve our webcasting tools. Digicast is pleased to offer customizable solutions and services well suited to your requirements and expectations. Is your wish for maximum autonomy?  No problem! You want 100% guidance and support from our experts?  With pleasure!  We are the only webcasting company offering these two options, and we are so proud of that.  

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