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Webcasting of live internal communications and virtual events is now increasingly common. However, despite their growing popularity, they are still new and do not always go smoothly. Virtual events come with their share of logistical challenges and technical requirements. With almost 20 years in the field, Digicast has just about seen it all. To help you anticipate the unexpected and improve your experience as well as that of the participants, we are sharing with you some of our solutions drawn from our own experience. Here are 5 common problems with live webcasts and how to overcome them.

Connection problem

Connection is the key step for your participants. No connection, no event. Therefore, the connection process must be as simple and as speedy as possible. However, many tools require setting up an app or creating an account just before the start of the event. Such a last-minute request can be frustrating for the participants, especially when they have no technical support to turn to. If they are struggling with the connection, they may miss part of your event, or the event entirely. That is undesirable for both them and you. As we say, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Our solution: Digicast’s webcasting tools do not require installation of any kind. Connection to the events is safe and easy. Better still, participants and organizers have access to bilingual technical support as needed.

Inadequate visual content

When creating visual content to go with your event– a PowerPoint or a video for example – taking into account the variety of devices used to view your event is important. Some participants will use a computer or a TV set, while others will use a smart phone or a tablet. Your presentation must therefore be suitable for all these formats to avoid having undecipherable portions or reduced legibility on some devices.

Our solution: Our webcasting applications icastGo and icastPro provide the opportunity to independently broadcast the video and the PowerPoint presentation. Our user interface adapts to the device used for viewing. This is what we call “responsive” design. It allows for optimal video and presentation streaming, regardless of screen size.

Problems managing participant involvement and questions

For the organiser of a live webcast event, it may be difficult to simultaneously manage the presentation as well as the participants’ questions and interaction This task becomes increasingly daunting as the number of participants rises. Also, if during a general meeting for example, a vote has to be held, you will not only need to manage speakers and participants, but also the security of the ballots. As an organiser, without the proper tools and necessary experience, you could become overwhelmed very quickly.

Our solution: As a matter of convenience, a simple interface dedicated to managing questions is integrated right into our webcasting applications. In addition, Digicast offers a secure voting feature supported by a proactive and reactive high-level expertise in data safety. When it comes to safety, we even meet the criteria of the most demanding businesses, such as Desjardins, ABB, Hydro-Québec and CGI. Our experts can assist you in carrying out virtual events, whether simple or more complex.

Poor quality production and amateur results

The end result of your webcast is important for your image and participants’ satisfaction. Several factors will impact your webcast’s outcome. Whatever it is, lighting, framing of the camera, sound quality or microphone, image quality, time-lag between image and sound, etc., you must think about it all. You put so much effort into creating your events that it would be a shame not to get a result that meets your expectations and effort.

Our solution: We offer customized support to optimize the quality of your webcast’s end result and avoid all the above-mentioned mistakes. Supported by many years of experience in the webcasting sector, we have the know-how needed not to make those mistakes. Among other things, we offer video production services that will easily adapt to your specific needs. For an onsite live production or an off-line recording, our professional team is here to help you.

Poor time management

Poor time management is a common problem in the event management sector, and also in virtual events. Whether caused by a late start, the show running overtime or cutting certain parts, no one likes not having enough time for their conference or event. This type of situation usually occurs if you are overwhelmed by logistics or the technical side of live webcasting.

Our solution: Support from an experienced partner and team work are undisputed advantages. With such an ally, all your events’ stages are simplified and you can concentrate on what you do best.

Planning and holding an event are complex tasks. Many aspects must be considered when webcasting a live event, while you already have much to do. Digicast has developed unique webcasting tools specifically to meet the needs of businesses. Our solution provides you with more autonomy and a turnkey option for events requiring more assistance or management. In every situation, we guarantee better results and return on investment. Digicast has the ability to support you, in all your events! Discover our broadcasting solutions.

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