5 Reasons to Choose icastGo for Hassle-Free Broadcasts

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For your digital events, you need an efficient, secure and customizable webcasting tool. This will ensure a professional and engaging experience for your attendees as well as your speakers and other stakeholders. In short, you need icastGo.

What is icastGo? It's a Quebec-based webcasting platform developed entirely by Digicast. With more than several million dollars invested in its creation and development to date, it is a tool that allows companies to broadcast their corporate communications independently or with the support of professionals. With tens of thousands of webcasts to our credit, we know the specificities and challenges of such events.

Here are 5 reasons why icastGo is the ideal solution for hassle-free webcasts in any industry.

1. No Limits

No matter how big or small your organization, icastGo can meet your needs for availability, quality and security. We make sure we implement best practices in data safety. The safety and security of your data and your participants' data is paramount. To ensure the integrity of confidential information, we practice a strict code of ethics and proven data security processes.

We hold webcasts for up to 100,000 people without any problems. No matter where your speakers and participants are located on the planet, our webcasting solution will not let you down. Our high-availability hosting ensures that your webcast will be delivered with the highest quality without interruption.

2. Easy to use

With icastGo, organizers, speakers and attendees have nothing to install or download. Connect to icastGo with any browser. Accessibility is an integral part of the user experience. By reducing the number of steps required to access your webcast, you make the process faster and easier for participants.

Using powerful interaction tools is made easy. You can interact with participants in several ways:

  • question box;
  • polls;
  • voting;
  • live chat;
  • and more.

All in an interface that's still ergonomic for all parties.

Choisir icastGo pour son interface ergonomique

3. Speaker and Participant Convenience

By providing separate interfaces for speakers and participants, icastGo ensures a user-friendly and efficient experience for all. The Digicast team has focused on the user experience in the development of our webcasting solutions. The different interfaces are therefore perfectly adapted to the needs of each user.

The participants' interface allows them to see, on the same plane, the conference synchronized with the slides. The viewing experience is pleasant and access to the event is simple.

The organizer portal brings all your speakers together in the same online environment, creating a collaborative and secure 100% virtual space. In addition, it includes all the useful features for managing and broadcasting events: chat box, ability to broadcast a video during the live event, camera routing, real-time statistical data, etc. Everything is at your fingertips!

Choisir icastGo pour le confort des conférenciers et participants

4. Possible repeats

We know webcasts and we know that concerns about the success of the event are not only related to the effectiveness of the tool chosen. IcastGo offers you the possibility to rehearse your event directly on the platform. You'll experience the environment in which your presentation will take place and take the pressure off the live event.

It's an opportunity to manage stress and reduce anxiety. You will be in full control of your performance when the time comes. Have rehearsals between organizers and speakers, and go live when you are ready.

5. Technical and organizational support

Digicast offers bilingual and highly available technical support for both organizers and participants. Our team is available to listen to your needs throughout the broadcast. We can even train your in-house team, giving you more autonomy.

Our experts are available to support you in the planning and organization of your webcasts. We will help you avoid common problems with live webcasts and get the best results from your virtual events. Whether you need us before, during or after your event, we're there. You choose the level of support you want, whether it's a turnkey experience, self-service or somewhere in between. You can tailor your technical support plan to fit your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority!

This is just a sample of the benefits of icastGo. There are many other features available to you:

  • customizable page;
  • live statistics;
  • compatibility with your existing communication tools;
  • multilingual application;
  • and more.

Digicast offers you a personalized and adaptable approach. We have been the experts in digital events for over 15 years. Your specific needs are the priority; let us support you in the realization of superior webcasts.


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