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Innovation is the cornerstone of any significant advancement. For us in event management, it’s never been truer! In a time where exceptional performance, increased efficiency, and unparalleled quality are essential, one emerging solution stands out: the icast Suite. This series of versatile and complementary applications was designed by a leading Canadian webcasting company.


It offers a diverse range of products specially designed to work together and meet all your event and online communication needs. Discover the various facets of the icast suite and how each of the webcasting and collaborative solutions can redefine your event experiences.

icastPro-Webcastv02icastPro - The All-in-one Webcasting Solution

The event world demands flawless management from conception to execution, and this is where icastPro comes in. This platform allows you to orchestrate every detail to ensure a perfectly coordinated experience.

From seamless and professional webcasts to TV-quality virtual events and custom recommendations, choosing icastPro gives you a reliable, secure, and personalized all-inclusive service to elevate every event.

icastGo-Webcast-selfservicastGo - The Self-Service Webcasting Solution

If autonomy and customization are essential for you, icastGo will shine. This application offers self-administered webcasting options without compromising quality. It's a self-service tool for professional webcasting. (Don't worry, experts are still available to answer your questions and teach you how to use the application if needed.)

With powerful and user-friendly features, this platform allows you to set up engaging hassle-free online events with ease. Experience smooth broadcasting regardless of your audience’s location. The hosting infrastructure is designed for high attendance rates to guarantee reliable performance every time.

icastevent-virtualEventicastEvent - The Collaborative Solution Focused on User Experience

Modern events demand flexibility and personalization and icastEvent meets these needs with a comprehensive approach. User-friendly management, a web portal, enhanced security, and customization options—all under one roof! The emphasis is on creating human-centered experiences. Participants, organizers, speakers, sponsors—every player benefits from a well-thought-out platform.

The user experience is optimized to the fullest with tailored features:

  • Event microsite that matches your brand image
  • Custom registration form
  • Participant list control
  • Easy integration of your current internal communication solutions (e.g., Teams, Zoom)
  • And much more

icastmeet-onlinemeetingicastMeet - The Perfect Solution for Two-Way Communications

Two-way video communication has gained new importance in our society. Its reciprocal nature fosters dialogue among various stakeholders, encouraging collaboration and constructive engagement. That's why icastMeet was created.

This feature-rich application, from recording to authentication and enhanced security, facilitates dynamic and engaging interactions in numerous ways:

  • Virtual meeting rooms
  • Virtual tables (open, private, and individual)
  • Raise hand function
  • Live speaking
  • Removable question box
  • Moderated question thread

icastvote-onlinevoting-systemicastVote - The Collaborative Voting Solution

For events requiring surveys, polls, or voting in compliance with established standards and laws, icastVote is the ideal solution. This adaptable platform offers options for advance voting, segmentation, weighting, and even synchronous and asynchronous voting. Regardless of where participants are located, voting is done professionally. They can propose or support a motion with a single click. AGMs have never been easier!

Whether for virtual or hybrid events or official AGMs, icastVote stands for compliance and transparency. With the activity log, you can easily track the progress and get the information you need. Moreover, this tool has been approved multiple times by regulatory authorities, including the AMF, especially for organizations in the banking sector.


The icast suite is the future of virtual events and online communication. Digicast is a Canadian company serving businesses worldwide, and we are particularly proud of the icast suite. This product range was designed with heart and vision to elevate your events to new heights. Explore this world of opportunities and discover how the icast suite can shape the future of your events.

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Innovation in Event Management: Discover the icast Suite