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With nearly 20 years of experience in corporate presentations and webcasting, Digicast has developed an unparalleled expertise in the industry. We were ensuring the success of major digital events long before it was popular! Learn more about our expertise in this area.

10 questions to ask yourself before organizing an AGM

1. Support from real experts

The members of our team have unparalleled expertise. They can provide close and efficient support and assist you from the planning to the execution of your webcast AGM. Our tools and processes have been proven in AGMs and other events of all kinds.

Our experts can assist you with all aspects of your virtual event. If you need a hand, they are there from start to finish! 

  • Preliminary planning
  • Technical needs and support
  • Creative suggestions
  • Staging 
  • Scripting
  • Manpower and technicians
  • and more.

2. Customized platforms

Digicast does not use just any tool to deliver webcasts. We have developed our own technology platforms for broadcasting. (You may hear us talking about icastGo and icastPro as you pass by our offices; these are our famous platforms!) Having created our webcasting solutions from scratch, we know them inside and out and can easily support you. 

Our in-house development team is constantly working on the evolution of our platforms according to the growing needs of the industry and the specific wishes of our clients. Our tools are regularly updated. We listen to our customers, trends and new technologies.

3. Priority to security

For participant login

We know that the information shared during your webcast AGM and participant data is particularly important. Whatever your industry, the confidentiality and safety of this data is paramount. The security of your event is always optimal thanks to a variety of authentication solutions:

  • Single Sign On (SSO),
  • By authorized email list with password,
  • by unique code,
  • by IP.

Approved by the AMF

Our platform has been vetted by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) on numerous occasions. With webcast AGMs, it is not uncommon for our clients to need to audit their choice of webcasting tool with the AMF. We always pass this audit with flying colors. 

4. Features specifically designed for a webcast AGM

Since our team has participated in the organization and holding of hundreds of AGMs over the years, we have developed many features that meet the specific needs of a webcast AGM:

  • Segmented and weighted voting;
  • Advance voting;
  • Real-time compilation of the votes cast in person and virtually during the AGM;
  • "Speak up" button;
  • "I move/I second" button;
  • Simultaneous translation according to the required languages.

In addition to these functionalities, there are many other less specialized functions that are just as useful for animating your AGM, interacting with your audience and making your presentations more dynamic.

Vote Features specifically designed for a webcast AGM

5. The user experience is always at the forefront

Digicast always focuses on the user experience for both organizers and participants. 

With the AGM specific features and all the others offered by Digicast, simplicity and efficiency are the key words. During the broadcast, the organizer has a constant view of the speaker and the presentation. He can easily set up a webcast to capture and maintain the attention of the participants online. He can also activate or deactivate certain features, such as the launch of a vote, or interact with the audience, in a question box for example.

Participants do not have to download anything, regardless of the device used for viewing. PC, MAC, tablet of any kind or cell phone, it makes no difference. We have minimized the irritants and the sources of problems during the connection.

Discover one of our biggest AGM projects!

In short, webcast AGMs hold no secrets for us! It is with great pleasure that we have participated in their success since 2006. Our expertise is not only technological but also human. We are proud to offer a television-quality webcasting service, accessible and at very competitive prices.

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