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Since its inception, Digicast has invested resources and efforts in the research and development of its technology platforms: icastGo and icastPro. Until recently, however, our physical infrastructure (studios, offices, control rooms, etc.) had not received as much love. 

Jonathan Hakim, founder and president of Digicast, explains: "Our old studios were not up to par. There was a mismatch between our expertise, capabilities, and technology on the one hand, and our facilities on the other." So, the makeover of our premises was the next logical step for the development and improvement of the company. 

It is with great pleasure that we unveil the result of a $3 million investment!

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New studios

We have put our 15 years of experience in webcasting and event management to good use in optimizing and renovating our facilities and infrastructure. Our goal: to offer the best to our clients. 

Our two professional studios - Studio Saint-Jacques and Studio Notre-Dame - located in downtown Montreal are easily accessible and now have state-of-the-art equipment.  

Optimization of space and VIP service

In order to offer more flexibility to users and the production team, we have completely remodeled the studios. The studios are now arranged across the width to accommodate as many people as possible.

When using either of the studios, you also have access to:

  • an adjacent, soundproofed meeting and observation room.
  • a full kitchen with catering service.
  • a private make-up space.
  • a professional booth for simultaneous translation.

Comfort and conviviality were priorities in the renovation of our premises.

Unparalleled personalization

Customizable studios in Montreal

Since branding is particularly important in corporate communications, we equipped the studios with versatile and customizable tools and equipment. Each one has side screens for branding, content or remote speaker display.

In addition, our professional furniture is completely modular and allows for any desired set-up on set: newsroom, lounge, round table, podium, etc.

The Notre-Dame studio has a 25-foot LED video wall and a wall finish with LED light strips that can be set with any RGB+W color. There is no limit to what can be displayed or the decor that can be created. Absolutely anything can be customized, instantly!

Find out more about our studios.

On the cutting edge of technology

The best technologies in our Montreal studios

Digicast has never neglected to invest in technology and that doesn't change. We always aim to offer you the best.

We think long term and efficient, which is why we have chosen the latest and most powerful technologies on the market.

IP and DANTE technologies

Professional broadcast level studios in Montreal

IP and DANTE technologies are synonymous with power, ease and quality. With these technologies, we have a high level of acquisition capacity based on professional broadcast industry standards. It's like television! Remote stakeholder acquisition has never been easier or faster.

Being a cloud-based solution, IP also allows more freedom to manipulate and distribute the acquired signals. Without IP, you must plan everything in advance and there is very little room for change. With IP, the acquisition is done directly on the cloud. Our operators can easily change the layout of live presentations throughout your webcast.

This shift in technology will save you and our operators time, increase efficiency and improve production.

Unmatched quality

New studios in downtown Montreal

To ensure stability and security at all stages of your filming and webcasting, we have taken care to set up complete operational redundancy. Networks, internet, electricity... Everything goes! We have three different internet connections with three different providers, electrical batteries and a generator. 

If a problem arises, we can, in a click, solve the situation. Our team has thought of everything! Our operations are now based on a completely IP and cloud-based environment with full server redundancy. 

Marc Laliberté, Director of Business Development at Digicast, said, "We have completely overhauled the robustness and efficiency of our processes to ensure the best possible experience for all our customers. IP is the future of webcasting and virtual events!

In short, your needs, present and future, are always our priority! The entire team looks forward to welcoming you to the new facility for your webcasts and digital events. As Jonathan said: "We can be proud to welcome our clients and partners in this new environment. With all the improvements and optimizations made, there is no limit to what we can accomplish for our clients!"

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